Hu Card Index

Infraspecific Names, Citations & Specimen Records

The Hu Card Index is a file of 158, 844 cards for Chinese plant names (1753-1955) which was produced by Dr. Hu Shiu-ying (Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University). Because infraspecific names and their places of publication are difficult to find (e.g., the Index Kewensis did not begin recording these until 1971), the following ca. 9000 infraspecific names were extracted from the Hu Card Index, and listed here so that they can be more easily located via web searches. Please note that these have not been standardized or verified at this time. Literature citations and many specimen citations including types were noted. It is hoped that these will be indexed by IPNI and Tropicos, and linked to images of types and protologs, etc. For spellings, page citations, and current usage, please consult the FOC Checklist and International Plant Names Index.