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Partial funding of the Flora of China project has been provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation (grants BSR-8906215, BSR-9201378, DEB 9626806, DEB 0072682, DEB-0101991, DEB-0343439, DEB-0514279), the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Starr Foundation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust.

The following botanists are warmly thanked for their reviews of the manuscripts: Richard K. Brummitt (K; Plagiopteraceae), Richard T. Corlett (HKU; Aquifoliaceae), Huang Shing-Fan (黄星凡; National Hsinchu Univer­sity of Education, Hsinchu; Aceraceae), Lei Ligong (雷立公; KUN; Aquifoliaceae), Gordon McPher­son (MO; Pandaceae), Colin Pendry (E; Polygalaceae), and Anita C. W. Tsang (HKU; Aquifoliaceae). In ad­dition, Peter F. Stevens (MO) is thanked for information on family circumscriptions.

The regional advisors, Eona M. M. Aitken (E), Rudolf V. Kamelin (LE), Kai Larsen (AAU), Jin Murata (TI), Alexei K. Skvortsov (MHA), and Willem J. J. O. de Wilde (L), were asked to review the accounts in this volume. Valuable nomenclatural and distributional comments on taxa occurring in China and neighboring countries were received. Alisa E. Grabovskaya-Borodina (LE) and Ching-I Peng (彭镜毅; HAST) provided valuable assistance.

The directors, curators, and librarians of the following institutions are warmly thanked for their continued assistance in sending loans of specimens and/or providing library or herbarium facilities to the authors and ed­itors of the Flora of China: A, B, BM, CANT, CAS, CDBI, E, F, GH, HAST, HIB, HNWP, IBSC, K, KUN, LE, MO, NAS, NY, P, PE, S, SCFI, SZ, TAI, TI, UPS, US, W, WU, XJA, XJU, and YUKU.

Victoria C. Hollowell, Beth Parada, Allison M. Brock, and Barb Mack, of Missouri Botanical Garden Press, edited and facilitated publication of relevant preliminary papers in Novon and played an important role in finalizing the production of this volume. Amy McPherson (Botanical Society of America) served as Man­aging Editor and Diana Gunter served as Associate Editor for a number of the papers in Novon. Thanks are also due to the Editors-in-Chief of Journal of Systematics and Evolution (formerly Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica), Chen Zhiduan (陈之端) and Qiu Yinlong (仇寅龙), and previously Yang Qiner (杨亲二), for editing and facilitating publication of relevant papers in that journal.

Many other persons have helped at various stages of the Flora of China project or contributed directly to the production of this volume. These include: A. Michele Funston, He Si (何思), Robert Magill, Candy Mc­Candliss, Olga Martha Montiel, Orbélia R. Robinson, Song Hong (宋宏), and the late Zhu Guanghua (朱光华). To all of these, the project is most grateful.


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