NOVON 9(2): 220. 1999.

A New Species of Paederia (Rubiaceae) from China

Li Heng

Kunming Institute of Botany, The Academy of Sciences of China, Heilongtan, Kunming, 650204, Yunnan, People’s Republic of China

Abstract. The new species Paederia spectatissima H. Li from southeastern Yunnan, China, one of few evergreen species in the genus, is here validly published.

During study of the Rubiaceae for the Flora of Yunnan Province, China, the following new species was discovered. An English description, distribution map, list of specimens, and discussion of this species were provided by Puff (1991: 285); the elements necessary for its valid publication and additional notes on its distribution and recognition are provided below.

Paederia spectatissima H. Li, sp. nov. TYPE: China. Yunnan: Xichou Xian, Ting-Mann, alt. 1200--1300 m, in mixed forest, 11 Oct. 1947, K. M. Feng 12341 (holotype, KUN; isotypes, KUN).

Haec species a Paederia verticllata Blume foliis oppositis, inflorescentiae axibus dense albo-scabridis atque fructibus diametro 10--11 mm distinguitur.

Distribution and habitat. Endemic to southeastern Yunnan (Pingien, Xichou, and Malipo), in secondary valley forests and shrubby grasslands at 1200--1300 m.

Paederia spectatissima is similar to P. verticillata Blume; P. spectatissima can be distinguished by its opposite leaves, axillary inflorescences, and larger fruits 10--11 mm in diameter.

Paratypes. CHINA. Yunnan: Pingpien Xian, Ma-Wei village, 1250 m, 17 Oct. 1954, Feng 5070 (KUN); Malipo Xian, Moun-Cao-ping, 1250 m, in shrubs, grasslands, Wenshan Group w660-0245 (KUN 2 sheets).

Acknowledgments. I am grateful to C. M. Taylor and Guanghua Zhu for their help with preparation of the manuscript.

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