NOVON 7(4): 366. 1997.

Validation of Paulownia catalpifolia (Scrophulariaceae)

HONG De-yuan

Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, People’s Republic of China

ABSTRACT. Paulownia catalpifolia, previously invalidly described, is validated.

Paulownia catalpifolia, which is native to Shandong Province (China), was described by Gong (1976). However, the name is invalid, because the original protologue designated two "types," representing flowering and fruiting states. In order to include the species in the forthcoming treatment of the Scrophulariaceae for the Flora of China, the name is validated below.

Paulownia catalpifolia T. Gong ex D. Y. Hong, sp. nov. TYPE: China. Beijing, Zizhimen (cultivated), 8 May 1973, Z. H. Chu 7 (holotype, CAF).

Species P. fortunei et P. elongatae affinis; ab illa corollis prope basin abrupte curvatis ventre a basi ad faucem longitudinaliter 2-plicatibus, capsulis multo minoribus, 4.5--5.5 cm longis differt; ab hac foliis pendulis longe ovato-cordatis atroviridibus, corollae tubo tenuiore, capsulis oblongo-ellipsoideis (non ovoideis) prope medianum latissimis recedit.

Trees; crown large and high. Trunk straight. Leaves often narrowly ovate-cordate, ca. 2X as long as wide, abaxially densely stellate tomentose, adaxially glabrous, margin entire or undulate and angled, apex acuminate. Thyrses pyramidal or narrowly conical, usually less than 35 cm; cyme peduncle nearly as long as pedicels. Calyx shallowly campanulate, less than 2 cm, glabrescent after flowering; lobes 1/3--2/5 of calyx length, triangular to ovate. Corolla light purple, narrowly tubular-funnelform, 7--8 cm, less than 3.5 cm wide, ridged ventrally, inside with dense small purple spots, base curved forward; throat ca. 1.5 cm, apically less than 3.5 cm diam. Capsule ellipsoid, 4.5--5.5 cm, stellate hairy when young; pericarp to 3 mm.

Paratype. CHINA. Beijing, Zizhimen (cultivated), October 1974, Z. H. Chu s.n. (CAF).

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