NOVON 6(3): 229. 1996.

A New Name in Geranium (Geraniaceae) for the Flora of China

Carlos Aedo and Félix Muñoz Garmendia

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Plaza de Murillo 2, E-28014 Madrid, Spain (e-mail addresses: and

ABSTRACT. A new name, Geranium tanii Aedo & Muñoz Garmendia, is proposed for the illegitimate later homonym Geranium trifoliatum Z. M. Tan.

While preparing an index of specific names in Geranium, we encountered a problem concerning nomenclature of the Chinese G. trifoliatum recently described by Tan (1990). Andrews (1805--1806) used this epithet for a South African Geranium now recognized as Pelargonium trifoliatum (Andrews) Sweet (Sweet, 1826). According to Article 53.1 of the Tokyo Code, Tan's name is illegitimate due to later homonymy. Thus, the following name change is necessary.

Geranium tanii Aedo & Muñoz Garmendia, nom. nov. Replaced name: Geranium trifoliatum Z. M. Tan, in Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 14(3): 231. 1990, nom. illeg. Not Andrews (1805).

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