Photographs by Bruce Bartholomew, California Academy of Sciences

From the A'nyemaqen Shan region of Qinghai Province on a 1993 National Geographic Society sponsored expedition (NGS grant 5043-93).

A Report on the Botanical Exploration

Upper region of the Yellow River near Ra'gyagoinba Heitu Shan Pass near Maqen Meconopsis integrifolia
Meconopsis punicea Androsace mariae Oxygraphis glacialis
Along the Qiemuque River Przewalskia tangutica Delphinium pylzowii
Delphinium densiflorum Delphinium calophyllum Darlag Xian, Maqen region
Darlag Xian, Maqen region Golog Tibetan National Minority Saussurea eopygmaea
Saussurea stella Saussurea obvallata Saussurea medusa
West end of the A'nyemaqen Mountain Range Pressing plants at the west end of the A'nyemaqen Mountain Range