Photographs by Mark F. Watson, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Ferula olivacea A beautiful endemic Umbellifer from the Hengduan Mountains, NW Yunnan. Gentiana High altitude annual gentians from Napa Hai, NW Yunnan.
Incarvillea mairei Abundant on the hills around Zhongdian, NW Yunnan. Primula secundiflora Common in damp flushes in the mountains of NW Yunnan.
Rhododendron Edinburgh and Goteburg botanists studying the high altitude rhododendrons on the Bei Ma Xue Shan, NW Yunnan. Deep limestone gorge of the Wengshui River, NW Yunnan.
High altitude coniferous forests on mountains of NW Yunnan. Yi national minority and botanists, mountains of NW Yunnan.
Prayer flags on cairns Typical of the high mountain passes in the Hengduan Mountains, NW Yunnan. Collecting Horticulturalist collecting Cotoneaster seed in the mountains of NW Yunnan.
Market A typical market scene in Zhongdian, NW Yunnan, where the local people use a huge range of plant products in their diet. Forests on the summit of Xiao Xue Shan, NW Yunnan Recently destroyed by accidental fire.
Sawmill Typical (often illegal) sawmill processing timber extracted from the mountains of NW Yunnan. Clearfelling Causes widespread habitat destruction in NW Yunnan where 80% of revenue is gained from timber extraction.