Photographs by David E. Boufford, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Nomocharis pardanthina, Yinglofeng, ca. 3100 m Swertia, ants gathering nectar Rhabdothamnopsis chinensis, Chuxiung to Kungming
Sabia yunnanensis, Huadianba, 2900 m Lamiophlomis rotata, Qinghai (Nangqen Xian)
Lancea tibetica, Qinghai (Nangqen Xian) Lancea tibetica
Dianthus, Nei Mongol Dipteronia (Aceraceae), Hubei (Shennongjia) Dipteronia, Hubei (Shennongjia)
Clethra delavayi, Huadianba, ca. 2900 m Desmodium pulchellum, Guangxi (near Nanning) Desmodium pulchellum, Guangxi (Lao-shan)
Cypripedium, Malutang Helwingia japonica, Hyogo Pref., Japan Helwingia chinensis, Hubei (Shennongjia)
Trollius yunnanensis, Huadianba, ca. 2900 m Burmannia disticha, Chingbichi Cardiocrinum giganteum, Malutang
Osbeckia crinita, Chingbichi, ca. 2300 m Codonopsis forrestii, Xiaoshao, N of Kunming
Abies fargesii Franchet
Northwestern Hubei Province, Shennongjia Forest District, Xiao-Shennongjia, 2700-2900 m. 10 September 1980.
Aconitum hemsleyanum Pritzel.
Northwestern Hubei Province, Shennongjia Forest District, Vicinity of Taizishang along Yingyu River. 2000 m. 18 September 1980.
Arisaema franchetianum Engler.
Yunnan Province, Yangbi Xian, W side of Diancang Shan mountain range, vicinity of Xueshanhe above Zhongshan village. 2600-2800 m. 15 June 1984.
Cypripedium tibeticum King ex Rolfe.
Yunnan Province, Yangbi Xian, W side of Diancang Shan mountain range, vicinity of Baiyunfeng Peak above Malutang. Elevation 3500-3800 m. 26 June 1984.
Pedicularis rex C. B. Clarke ex Maximowicz.
Yunnan Province, Yangbi Xian, W side of Diancang Shan mountain range, vicinity of Xueshanhe above the village of Zhongshan. 2600-2800 m. 16 June 1984.
Thalictrum delavayi Franchet.
Yunnan Province, Yangbi Xian, W side of Diancang Shan mountain range, vicinity of village of Dajiuping. 2500-2600 m. 30 June 1984.
Circaeaster agrestis Maximowicz. Sino-American Guizhou Expedition.
Guizhou Province, Fanjing Shan mountain range. Members of Miao minority nationality assisting in the moving of supplies and collecting equipment. August-October 1986.
Mixed Deciduous - Broad-leaved Evergreen Forest, Taiwan.
With tree ferns of the genus Cyathea. Taiwan Province, Nantou Xian, near town of Yu-Chih. Elevation 750-900 m. 22 September 1989.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & Cheng.
Southwest Hubei Province, Lichuan Xian, village of Modaoqi (Mo-tao-chi). 10 October 1980.
Fossil of Metasequoia.
Mixed Deciduous - Tsuga Forest
With Tsuga chinensis, Tetracentron sinensis, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Acer robustum, Davidia involucrata, Cyclocarya paliurus, Fagus spp., and Malus spp. Hubei Province, Shennongjia Forest District, Loyang River gorge near village of Pingqian. Elevation 1300 m. September 1980.
Effects of Heavy Population Pressures.
Yunnan Province, Xiangyun Xian, 2130'N; 10050'E, elevation ca. 1400 m. This area is ca. 250 km NW of the Yuanjiang valley at 800-900 m, where studies have shown a change in vegetation from 75 percent forest cover and a tropical monsoon to seasonal rain forest before the middle of the 17th century to a 19.3 percent forest cover and a dry, hot savanna vegetation in 1982 (see Xu, Z. F., G. D. Tao and P. H. Yu. 1986. An approach to the vegetational changes from Yuanjiang dry-hot valley of Yunnan in the last 500 years. Acta Bot. Yunnan. 7: 403-412).
Limestone hills along the Li River, Guilin, Guangxi Province.
These formations extend across southern China from Guangdong Province to northern Vietnam and westward to southern Guizhou and eastern Yunnan provinces.
Trollius farreri Stapf - habit Trollius farreri Stapf - flower Primula orbicularis Helmsley
Buddhist Monks - Qinghai Province: Nangqen Xian. Zherebuma pass, 4500 m. Alpine meadow vegetation heavily grazed by yaks, with sparsely distributed shrubs of Salix, Rhododendron capitatum and Caragana. 24 June 1995. Xiao Long Gou (Small Dragon Gorge) - Note field vehicle at bottom center for scale.