Can you identify any of these plants from Yunnan?

1st row (left to right)

1. unknown1: small plant, in the mountain forest near the Tibetan border. Is it an orchid?

2. Goodyera schlechtendaliana ? (leaves) Mountain woodlands, Dali, 15 aug 1996

3. habena1: Habenaria limprichitii ? (or davidii?) same date and biotope as 'Lobelia' though more wet conditions [a response: "appears to be Habenaria davidii"]

4. hermin1a: tiger leaping gorge, 11 aug, roadside. Herminium sp.?

5. lobelia.jpg: 10 aug, 1996; Lijiang, extensively grazed grassland. Is it a Lobelia?

2nd row (left to right)

6. Orch1: Orchid, 18 aug; Kunming, limestone pavement near Stone Forest

7. Habenaria linguella?: 11 aug; near Lijiang in grass, roadside

8. Roscoea schneideriana (Zingiberaceae): 10 aug; Lijiang, same biotope as 'Lobelia'

9. Platanthera minor: in the mountain forest above Dali, near Goodyera schlechtandaliana. Bad photo due to lack of light and equipment at that time.

3rd row (left to right)

10. Spiranthes sinensis: white Spiranthes species, 11 aug, same biotope as 'Lobelia'

11. Spiranthes sinensis, same bitope/date as #10.

I hope you and your collegues can give me some clues. If you need more information, please let me know. Thanks in advance! Ed van Wijngaarden & Dory Beulink

If you can assist Ed van Wijnggaarden and his wife Dory Beulink with additional information, please send email to them at with a copy to us here at the Flora of China Web