25. Related Literature:

The following are major floristic works that must be consulted in preparing treatments for the Flora of China (see also section 9). Synonymy is expected to reflect the usage in these floras, and authors are expected to consult the most recent edition when more than one edition has bee published. Authors are also expected to be responsible for the recent literature related to their groups. E. D. Merrill and G. H. Walker, A Bibliography of Eastern Asiatic Botany, (1938) and E. H. Walker, A Bibliography of Eastern Asiatic Botany, suppl. I (1960), and S. C. Chen, et al. Bibliography of Chinese Systematic Botany (1949 1990) (1993) should also be consulted.

Anhui Zhiwuzhi

Flora Fujianica

Flora Guizhouensis

Flora Hainanica

Flora Hebeiensis

Flora Hupehensis

Flora in Desertis Reipublicae Populorum Sinarum

Flora Intramongolica

Flora of Intramongolica, Second Edition

Flora Liaoningica

Flora Loess Plateaus Sinicae

Flora Ningxiaensis

Flora of Beijing, Revised Edition

Flora of Guangdong

Flora of Guangxi

Flora of Taiwan

Flora of Taiwan, Second Edition

Flora of Zhejiang

Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae

Flora Sichuanica

Flora Tsinlingensis

Flora Yunnanica

Flora Xinjiangensis

Flora Xizangica

Henan Zhiwuzhi

Iconographia Arbororum Yunnanicorum

Iconographia Cormophytorum Sinicorum

Iconographia Cormophytorum Sinicorum, Supplementum I and II

Index Florae Yunnanensis

Jiangsu Zhiwuzhi

Plantarum Herbacearum Chinae BorealiOrientalis

Sylva Sinica

Vascular Plants of the Hengduan Mountains


Other important publications that should be consulted, in addition to those below, are: Flora Europaea, Flora Malesiana, Flora of North America, Flora of the U.S.S.R., and Flora Iranica.

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