15. Citation Abbreviations:

Periodical abbreviations will follow BotanicoPeriodicum Huntianum (BPH) and supplement (BPH/S). When the BPH/S differs from BPH, BPH/S should be followed. Book abbreviations will use the abbreviations of Taxonomic Literature, ed. 2 (TL2) and supplements, but the convention for capitalization will be consistent with BPH. Abbreviations that cannot be found in BPH or TL2 will follow the pattern consistent with abbreviations in Appendix A of BotanicoPeriodicum Huntianum/Supplementum. However, if there is uncertainty as to the abbreviation to follow, the question will be decided on a case by case basis by the Editorial Committee. When a Chinese title is not given in a Roman alphabet, the characters should be transliterated and underlined using Hanyu Pinyin, and this transliteration should be followed in parentheses by a translation of the title with abbreviations consistent with those in BPH (e.g., C. Y. Wu, Yunnan Redai Yaredai Zhiwu Quxi Yanjiu Baogao (Rep. Stud. Pl. Trop. Subtrop. Yunnan) 1: 35. 1965).