8. New Combinations, Names, and Taxa: [updated 2002]

Until Volume 6 (2001), no nomenclatural novelties (new taxa, new combinations, nomina nova, or lecto-, neo-, or epitypifications) were published in the Flora of China. They were instead published in Novon or in other appropriate journals prior to their use in the Flora of China. This practice is still strongly encouraged. However, if a nomenclatural novelty is required and there is insufficient time to publish it separately from the Flora of China, then the novelty may be published in the Flora of China volume itself. An index of nomenclatural novelties is provided on the last page of each volume. During the preparation of the treatments, author(s) and co-author(s) are encouraged to jointly publish articles that include discussions, critical comments, and nomenclatural notes on Chinese plants. We expect that differences of opinion will not be published by those involved in this project before there has been an exchange of views between the author(s) and co-author(s).