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2008 onwards

Flora of North America Editorial Centers include:  Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG and MBG-II [for bryophytes]), Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (Hunt), The University of Kansas, Lawrence (Kansas), Université de Montréal, Quebec (Montréal), and Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (MU).



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Vol. 6 2009 Hunt Cucurbitaceae—Droseraceae [19 families,
notably: Cucurbitaceae, Begoniaceae, Clusiaceae, Malvaceae (incl. Tiliaceae & Sterculiaceae), Violaceae, Passifloraceae & Thymelaeaceae] – Cucumber or Cucurbit family + gourd, pumpkin, squash, watermelon, balsampear; Datisca family; Begonia family; Waterwort family; Mangosteen family + pitchapple; River-weed family; St. John’s wort family; Violet family; Turnera family + stripeseed; Passion-flower family; Stemsucker family; Muntingia family; Mallow family + cotton, hibiscus, hollyhock, linden, basswood, jute, burrbark, teabush, pyramidflower, fremontia, flannelbush; Lipstick-tree family; Mezereum family + daphne, leatherwood, paperbush; Rock-rose family + frostweed, pinweed; Frankenia family; Tamarix family; Sundew family + Venus flytrap.


Vol. 7 2008 MBG Salicaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Moringaceae,
Caricaceae, Limnanthaceae, Koeberliniaceae, Bataceae, Resedaceae, Capparaceae, Cleomaceae, Brassicaceae – Willow family + poplars, cottonwood, Govenor’s plum, brush-holly;  Nasturtium family; Horse-radish tree family; Papaya family; Meadow-foam family + poached egg plant; Allthorn family; Saltwort family; Mignonette family; Caper family; Spiderflower family + clammy weed; Mustard or Crucifer family + turnip, radish, sea rocket, cabbage, watercress, bittercress, wallflower, wallrocket, woad, peppergrass, pepperwort, bladderpod, moonwort, jewelflower.


Vol. 8 2008 Kansas Paeoniaceae—Ericaceae [19 families, notably:
Primulaceae, Theaceae, Sarraceniaceae, Crassulaceae & Saxifragaceae, Ericaceae (incl. Empetraceae, Pyrolaceae & Monotropaceae] – Peony family; Sweetspire family; Currant family + gooseberry; Saxifrage family + alumroot, bishop’s cap; Stonecrop family + dudleya; Ditch-stonecrop family; Sapodilla family + egg fruit; Ebony family + persimmon; Theophrasta family; Myrsine family; Primrose family + shootingstar, loosestrife, pimpernel, starflower, chaffweed; Tea family + franklinia, camellia; Sweetleaf family; Diapensia family; Storax family + silverbell, snowbell; Pitcher-plant family; Clethra family; Cyrilla family; Heath family + blueberry, huckleberry, rhododendron, azalea, fetterbush, crowberry, Indian Pipe; shinleaf.


Vol. 9 2008 Montréal Picramniaceae, Staphyleaceae,
Crossosomataceae, Rosaceae  - Bitterbush family + alvaradoa; Bladdernut family; Crossosoma family; Rose family + blackberry, strawberry, dewberry, apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry, hawthorn, service berry, chokeberry, mountain ash, firethorne, cinquefoil, agrimony.


Vols. 10-11 2010 MU/MBG Proteaceae—Elaeagnaceae [13 families,
notably: Buxaceae, Lythraceae (incl. Trapaceae & Punicaceae, Fabaceae (incl. Mimosaceae & Caesalpiniaceae), Myrtaceae & Onagraceae] – Protea family; Boxwood family; Gunnera family; Water Milfoil family + mermaidweed; Indian Almond family + black olive, white mangrove, buttonwood; Loosestrife family + waxweed, redstem, water chestnut, pomegranate; Evening Primrose family + fireweed, primrosewillow, beeblossom, sun cup; Myrtle family + eucalyptus, rose apple, guava; Melastome family + meadowbeauty, clover ash; Bean family (incl. Mimosa family + sensitive plant, silktree, albizia, acacia; Caesalpinia family + tamarind, poinciana, redbud) + pea, peanut, clover, vetch, sweetclover, medick, trefoil, ticktrefoil, rattlebox, indigo, locust, lupine, wisteria; Suriana family + bay cedar; Milkwort family; Oleaster family + buffaloberry, seaberry.


Vol. 12 2010 Unassigned Vitaceae—Garryaceae [23 families, notably:
Rhamnaceae, Celastraceae (incl. Hippocrateaceae), Rhizophoraceae, Euphorbiaceae, Linaceae, Santalaceae (incl. Loranthaceae & Viscaceae), Cornaceae & Hydrangeaceae] – Grape family + peppervine; Krameria family; Creosote-bush family + caltrop, lignumvitae; Buckthorn family + California-lilac, cascara, nakedwood, jujube; Grass of Parnassus family + bog star; Bittersweet family + burning bush, christmasberry, hippocratea; Wood-Sorrel family; Red Mangrove family; Spurge family + sandmat, croton, sandboxtree, cassava, castor bean, manchineel, noseburn; Shrubby-spurge family; Leafflower family; Guiana-plum family; Barbados cherry family; Cocoa-plum family + gopher apple; Flax family; Olax family; Sandalwood family + showy mistletoe, Christmas mistletoe; Jojoba family; Dogwood family; Hydrangea family + mockorange, cliffbush; Loasa family + blazing star, rock nettle, stickleaf; Tupelo family + blackgum; Silk Tassel family.


Vol. 13 2010 Montréal Geraniaceae—Apiaceae [12 families, notably:
Anacardiaceae, Sapindaceae (incl. Hippocastanaceae & Aceraceae), Rutaceae & Araliaceae] – Geranium family; Frankincense family; Sumac family + poison oak, poison ivy, cashew, mango; Soapberry family + heartseed, flamegold, horse-chestnut, buckeye, maple, boxelder; Quassia family + tree-of-heaven, corkwood; Mahogany family; Rue family + orange, lemon, lime, hoptree, torchwood, pricklyash; Touch-me-not family; Escallonia family + redclaws; Ginseng family + English ivy; Pittosporum family; Carrot family + celery, chervil, parsley, cowbane, scaleseed, waterparsnip.


Vol. 14 2012 Hunt Gentianaceae, Loganiaceae, Gelsemiaceae,
Apocynaceae (incl. Asclepiadaceae), Convolvulaceae (incl. Cuscutaceae), Solanaceae, Sphenocleaceae & Hydroleaceae – Gentian family + rosegentian, centaury, screwstem; Logania family + pinkroot, hornpod, Jessamine; Trumpetflower family; Dogbane family + indianhemp, bluestar, Madagascar periwinkle, frangipani, rubbervine, luckynut, milkweed, swallowwort, milkvine, rubbervine; Morning-glory family + clustervine, ponysfoot, sweetpotato, moonflowers, dawnflower, dodder; Potato family + tomato, nightshade, Cayenne pepper, petunia, jimson weed, datura, tobacco, henbane, groundcherry; Sphenoclea family; False fiddleleaf family.


Vol. 15 2010 MBG Fouquieriaceae, Polemoniaceae,
Hydrophyllaceae, & Boraginaceae (incl. Lennoaceae) – Ocotillo family; Phlox family + gilia, sky pilot; Waterleaf family + baby blue-eyes; Borage family + heliotrope, strongback, gromwell, forget-me-not, madwort, bugloss, hound’s tongue, stoneseed, popcornflower, lennoa.


Vol. 16 2010 Unassigned Oleaceae, Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae – Olive
family + ash, privet, jasmine, fringetree; Mint family + rosemary, balm, basil, sage, skullcap, hedgenettle, pennyroyal; Verbena family + premna, porterweed, chastetree.


Vol. 17 2011 Kansas Tetrachondraceae, Plantaginaceae (incl.
Callitrichaceae & Hippuridaceae), Scrophulariaceae (incl. Buddlejaceae & Myoporaceae), Linderniaceae, Pedaliaceae, Phrymaceae, Paulowniaceae & Orobanchaceae – Juniper leaf family; Plantain family + snapdragon, foxglove, mudflower, beardtongue, speedwell, toadflax, paleseed, water-starwort, mare’s-tail; Figwort family + goatweed, barometer bush, mudwort, mullein, butterfly-bush; False pimpernel family; Sesame family; Lopseed family + monkeyflower; Princess-tree family; Broom-rape family + Indian paintbrush, false foxglove, linseed, groundcone, bluehearts, cancer-root, bird’s-beak, beechdrops, eyebright, cowwheat, owl’s-clover,  lousewort, yellow rattle, chaffseed, witchweed, blacksenna.


Vol. 18 2012 MBG Rubiaceae—Valerianaceae [16 families,
notably: Acanthaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Bignoniaceae, Campanulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, & Dipsacaceae] – Madder family + bedstraw, buttonweed, wild coffee, Mexican clover, indigoberry; Bladderwort family + butterwort; Acanthus family + Philippine violet, foldwing, waterwillow, wild petunia, black mangrove; Trumpet-creeper family + crossvine, catalpa, catclawvine; Unicorn-plant family; Holly family; Bellflower family + lobelia, harebell, bluecup; Buckbean family + floatingheart; Goodenia family; Calycera family + acicarpha; Moschatel family + elderberry, viburnum; Bush-honeysuckle family + weigela; Honeysuckle family + snowberry, horse-gentian; Twin-flower family + abelia, beautybush; Teasel family + pincushions; Valerian family + seablush, cornsalad.


Vol. 28



Bryophytes, pt. 2 Mosses, pt. 2

Vol. 29 2011 MBG-II Bryophytes, pt. 3 Liverworts & Hornworts
Vol. 30 2012 Hunt/MBG Cumulative index and bibliography

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